The Quadrical Ai Solar Management

You want a centralized view of your business and the ability find money in your data. Though you have data from Plant sensors/ SCADA schemas/ Weather and Device information – leveraging it holistically is difficult.

Founders Sharat Singh and Dr. Hugh Hind have broad and deep experience in making your data clean, complete and ‘Future Ready.’ We are experts in enabling you to monitor Cross-Plant energy production at both holistic and granular levels, structuring it with advanced modelling techniques into an Azure Data Lake and giving you reports in RealTime.

To impact your bottom line, you’ll need cutting-edge AI algorithms to help you precisely forecast future production, and optimize your plant’s capacity by thinking ahead with O&M direction which spots degradations to turn unplanned maintenance into planned.  These Prescriptive Analytics will give you the foresight to manage your Assets at unmatched levels.

The Quadrical Ai Solar Solution

Accurately Forecast Future Production

Our AI solutions can help your forecast production with over 98% daily accuracy putting you in control when regulatory changes happen.

Detecting Faults…
Before They Happen

Our AI solutions not only detect faults, failures and fissures, and alert fixes, they also find solutions to next generation failures with O&M direction to keep your assets performing at peak capabilities.

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